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Ukrainian department

There is a special Ukrainian department for Ukrainian refugees of the age range 12-17 years old. The aim of this department is twofold. On the one hand all pupils are prepared to enter the Dutch educational system (at the highest possible level) within two years. On the other hand, we try to continue the Ukrainian curriculum if possible. Following ‘Zoom’ lessons is only possible for a few subjects and only for pupils of group 10 or 11.

The department is housed in a separate building at the Wielingenstraat in Dordrecht. Pupils are taught Dutch as a second language and several other subjects. All subjects, apart from Dutch, are taught by Ukrainian teachers following the Ukrainian methods as much as possible.


Team leader

If you want more information or if you want to make an appointment, you can send a mail (in Dutch, English or Ukrainian) to the team leader, Ms O. Oliinyk:

Educational counselor

As soon as the Ukrainian pupils are ready to progress to the Dutch educational system, the educational counselor will help them to find the best suitable school. Our educational counselor, Mr A. Melger, can be reached by e-mail:

Information refugees Ukraine

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