Uitwisseling Roemenie

Exchange with Romanian students very successful
Saturday the 11th of October was the day our Romanian guests arrived. After a few weeks of email contact, where they got to know each other a bit, the students finally met each other face to face. The bus took a little longer to arrive, so the hosts, our third year students from TG3 & TA3, had some time to decorate some welcome banners and prepare coffee and tea with 'stroopwafels' for our guests. At 11:30 they finally arrived with the bus from Brussels airport. At first everybody was a bit nervous, but when we were inside the school and all the guests were partnered up with their hosts and enjoying the 'stroopwafels', everybody loosened up a bit. After the coffee and tea time it was time to take our guests to their houses, where they spent the rest of the day with their host families. 

A significant part of the group signed up for a visit to Rotterdam on sunday. We took the train, which was a very Dutch experience for our Romanian guests, and got out at Rotterdam Blaak. From there we took a tour past all the sights that make Rotterdam famous, such as the new Market Hall, the Cube houses, designed by Piet Blom, the Oude Haven, the Erasmus bridge and the Zadkine statue. After the short tour the students had time to explore the city centre of Rotterdam. They were very eager to start their shopping/fast food spree and we all had a great afternoon. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot.


Monday was the first official school day for our guests. The students arrived at 8:30 for an introduction. The Dutch hosts gave a tour of the school, and in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period, our guests attended some classes. The colleagues from the history, economics and geography departments prepared some interesting classes, variating from an economic calculation, a youtube movie about the British colonies, to a history lesson about the second world war experiences in the Netherlands and Romania. In the afternoon they cycled to Dordrecht city center for a 'selfie tour', where the Dutch students had to provide the Romanian students with information about the different sights in Dordrecht. At each sight they had to take selfie with the whole group.

Tuesday was a day of indoor and outdoor activities with our guests. We started with two different projects where the students had to work on creating a European newspaper and a powerpoint presentation about the differences between The Netherlands & Romania. The students worked really hard in the computer rooms and visual arts classroom to create an interesting product. 
In the afternoon we cycled to the Biesbosch for some traditional Dutch activities such as rope pulling & 'zakkenlopen'. We also visited the information center and took a nice long walk through the Biesbosch.


Wednesday we took our guests on a trip again. At 9 o'clock in the morning we departed for Den Haag to visit Madurodam. Our Romanian guests were quite amazed about this little city. They had to do some research assignments with questions about European companies, regional products and the sights that you could see at Madurodam. In the afternoon one part of the group visited the Damen shipyard, and the other group visited the historical town of Woudrichem.

Thursday we went all the way to our favourite Dutch theme park. The day the students were looking forward to most finally arrived, a day at the Efteling theme park. Everybody was very excited, so we couldn't wait to get there! Even though the weather forecast said there would be rain, the sky was blue (sort of) but most important, no rain all day! The students had to start with a little assignment in the fairy tale forest, where they had to look up a specific fairy tale and gather some information about it. On friday they will prepare a performance about their fairy tale. The afternoon was free time to enjoy all the thrill rides and other beautiful attractions the Efteling had to offer. It was truly a magical day!